The end is Nigh! ( who gives a shite )

Crank up the sound system open a bottle of Jack and enjoy the show lol.
I’ve been watching the you tube death cult christians spewing out the armageddon is here, armageddon is upon us all horse shit. I swear they wish death on us all. Armadeddon is a place not an event numpties.
my friend went there a few times “megiddo” okay then its the apocalypse. No!
An apocalypse is a of knowledge or revelation. Historically, the term has a heavy religious connotation as commonly seen in the prophetic revelations of eschatology and were obtained through dreams or spiritual visions. Also, it is the Greek word for the last book of the New Testament entitled “Revelation”.

if these people wish death to befall upon us all so much then go do a Jones Town but please don’t drag the whole world down with you. religious fanatics really piss me off at times.
Sing it Freddie 🙂 after all who wants to live forever?