Killer Cults Are No Joke!!

if you think Cults should be ignored you need to think again! from an early age i have been the victim of cults before. Doubt me ? the Cult known as ” The Children of God” founded by David Berge had a foothold in the uk from the early 1960’s they set up shop in my own city in the early 1970s and i had personal experience with them as a young off the rails child that would roam wherever i wished. One of the elders of this cult lived in a house not far from me, and he once punched me in the face when i was just nine years old. true fact.
this child beater’s name was as a recall Ezra! to me at that time he was a giant man that must have been in his late 20s early 30’s a huge american guy.
I wish i could have a re-match with this vermin who is as far as i know still living today.
this is why i have an inbuilt visceral hatred of evangelicals, I know first hand just how evil they can be.