As the new decade begins a new book also comes into view!

so then what shall the new “Satanic pamphlet ” be. Yes folks the holy crusaders of righteous divinely sanctioned porno have once again crowned me ” the great beast” the devil himself. i did ask my doctor yesterday to see if i have the mark of the beast anywhere on my body. “Nothing to report”

knowing what i have had to endure over the last ten years of trying to expose this cabal of reprobates he first congratulated me on the book and went on to say how much he enjoyed reading it over the Christmas holidays. thank you Doc.

Only after a very very close examination of yours truly and knowing he was in no danger of me possessing his mortal soul! he offered me some sound advice.
that being that i should indeed write about our ten year struggle with these outright nonces for Jesus and expose the bastards! so not wishing to let him down i shall call this second work Doctors Orders.
cant wait to see what kind of Amazon reviews these filthy 59 inch leather dildo wielding cross dressing youth group preachers will leave this time.
wow i wonder what “he and his wife” used this for whilst street preaching to kids. of course when i posted these screen shots here just before Christmas, she tried to remove her purchase history to cover their perverted tracks. too late sicko’s, we’ve video captured it all. before and after twat. i wonder what Jesus needs that for !!