Took a bus ride yesterday for the first time in 20 years.

I had it all to myself. I was going to go by taxi, but very few are running here. Unless they’ve been converted with those perspex screen things. It looks like this will be the new way of things from now on. I can see a future of electric driverless cars before too long.

I watched an interesting video theo other day on YouTube, this guy in America was driving around huge car parks packed with thousands of mothballed hire cars. I saw the very same thing a few days ago on the A2 but with fleets of trucks from haulage companies .
I had to pop over to boughton under blean kent, to see a man I know about pressing a wheel bearing onto a front hub for my little green van. All better now 🙂 its a nice little villlage, many of my family members live here. Boughtons a friendly little village, where everyone knows everyone if you get what i mean. The place never changes from one decade to the next.

Try November 2021 !

They’ll keep kicking this can down the road until 2021 trust me. And brexit will never happen.
Our lives will never be the same again. if you doubt this then, More fool you. Get ready for a hyperinflation the likes of which, the world has never before seen!
If i were you, I’d order your christmas turkey now. Oh! and a solar powered freezer!!

The new boris Johnson: We’re all Screwedometer!

They have to be taking the piss!
Forget July, try november 2021.
This is how it works !
No more tourism. No more use of public transport, at least as we knew it. And in the end your car wont be worth Jack shit . This insane dickhead is going to take us all back into the stone age.
A preview of Boris Johnsons new normal. Best not order that new merc or beamer if i were you. Unless of course your an essential worker.