Why am i not shocked.

I’ve been thinking the very same thing myself. How convenient it all looks. I spent ten years of my life trying to expose evil whilst burning myself out in the process. Sadly the conclusion i reached long ago was thus: The games rigged , and the deck stacked! Trying to bring the guilty to justice is as futile an effort’ as the victims of the death camps of nazi germany demanding basic human rights from their jailers!
(Side note) I’ve seen many morons claiming the holocaust never happened. It did! My wifes grandfather witnessed it with his own eyes. He was in the RAF logistics corp when the amercans liberated- Bergen-Belsen.The man was there. The scenes found in that place haunted him for the rest of his life.

Perhaps true justice will only be done in the next world, if of course you believe in one. For me that foundation has long been laid down, and is now well established on solid ground.
Indeed i find more meaning for the strange goings on i wrote about in my book with each passing days bizarre events unfolding before my very eyes. I find it most reassuring in such troubled and perilous times as these. By the way. This virus is very real. I personally know three people who’ve had it. But all of them have recovered from it. They said: Its nasty.

Having said that.The old saying comes to mind: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Its about to hit the fan Bigtime.

The man’s right on the money:Your home is going to be a seized asset. when you default on those mortgage payments. Unless you are one of the normie meat golems! who thinks this magic money tree government handout scheme is going to see you through this. “Scheme” = Scam. bye bye House, bye bye flash car on hp.