Our beautiful mother

Our Mum when she was a struggling single mother with her boyfriend shortly after she broke up with our father only to be reunited a month or two later. as described in the Darkest path. I often think to myself what kind of life Robin would have led if mum had stayed with this guy .
Robin as a child, poor lad lived a truly miserable life full of pain and suffering only to die the most gruesome untimely death imaginable, and totally alone. R.I.P Robin Dutton.

In Memory of my Father

My Dad sitting in the cockpit of a Hawker Typhoon 1B
me thanking the RAF in my Ilizarov Fixator on my right tibia
my father on parade somewhere overseas palestine maybe ?
some memories from 1973 when my father worked for Rootes from the age of 16 when he did his apprenticeship and later on went into the Royal Air Force from the age of 18 until leaving in 1957 where he resumed his civilian career at Canterbury Motor Company until 1980.
i still remember going for a spin in that big old wrecker.
they sold some truly awful cars until the peugeot take over.