Killer Cults Are No Joke!!

if you think Cults should be ignored you need to think again! from an early age i have been the victim of cults before. Doubt me ? the Cult known as ” The Children of God” founded by David Berge had a foothold in the uk from the early 1960’s they set up shop in my own city in the early 1970s and i had personal experience with them as a young off the rails child that would roam wherever i wished. One of the elders of this cult lived in a house not far from me, and he once punched me in the face when i was just nine years old. true fact.
this child beater’s name was as a recall Ezra! to me at that time he was a giant man that must have been in his late 20s early 30’s a huge american guy.
I wish i could have a re-match with this vermin who is as far as i know still living today.
this is why i have an inbuilt visceral hatred of evangelicals, I know first hand just how evil they can be.

The end is Nigh! ( who gives a shite )

Crank up the sound system open a bottle of Jack and enjoy the show lol.
I’ve been watching the you tube death cult christians spewing out the armageddon is here, armageddon is upon us all horse shit. I swear they wish death on us all. Armadeddon is a place not an event numpties.
my friend went there a few times “megiddo” okay then its the apocalypse. No!
An apocalypse is a of knowledge or revelation. Historically, the term has a heavy religious connotation as commonly seen in the prophetic revelations of eschatology and were obtained through dreams or spiritual visions. Also, it is the Greek word for the last book of the New Testament entitled “Revelation”.

if these people wish death to befall upon us all so much then go do a Jones Town but please don’t drag the whole world down with you. religious fanatics really piss me off at times.
Sing it Freddie 🙂 after all who wants to live forever?

I was reporting this sick group as far back as 2010

I was ignored by the uk police over and over again. now ten years on i have been proven to have been right all along.
Look at what has been learned in the last ten years regarding the group this dirtbag was connected with. one of this online network has just last year been exposed by an attorney at law who publicly said: even under the threat of purgery the evidence of the child targeted porn was 100% authentic and provable beyond any doubt and would swear to under oath!
the evidence the lawyer publicly presented on social media was truly shocking and overwhelming.

Another member of this vile group was charged with a sexual assault in 2017 when he exposed himself in a public library to a 28 year old woman. Fact!

add to this allagations made by a family member of the long term partner in slime of this porn peddling evangelising lunatic as described in my first book, who even now refuses to condemn his long term partner in crime. in-fact he has been an apologist for this sick bastard even to this very day. and he’s not alone.

why have the uk police not dragged this sicko in ? well i have one or two theories based on this scumbags own video’s that may shed some light on this regarding a special friendship with a uk police officer!! or so he claimed in 2015 then after a fresh complaint to the uk police was made in 2018 this freak changed that narrative . I did find some alarming stories on the bbc website regarding charges and jailed police officers from the very constabulary where this freak comes from! resulting
in three police officers being Jailed for deliberately destroying evidence of crimes. Fact!
my next book will prove to be a very disturbing read to say the least!

but then why should anyone be shocked to learn of this when we see our own royals sunk up to the nuts in child sex abuse allagations. “nothing new under the sun?
my next book may well take the reader places he or she would rather not venture.
and may have a very nasty supernatural sting in the tail.
i may have found a connection to this group right here? 2 Corinthians 11:14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.
for such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their actions.
my years of researching theology have not been wasted. ” pseudo christianity” in other words Just like mr bell indeed was. ( if you don’t condemn it you must be part of it )
I wonder who the artist could be ? some local chaz…….. I mean chav! I’m rather partial to indian cuisine myself. The Darkest Path: Cabal of Bastards.
Yep! the occultist with the black spray can strikes again. I think i know who “He” is.

As the new decade begins a new book also comes into view!

so then what shall the new “Satanic pamphlet ” be. Yes folks the holy crusaders of righteous divinely sanctioned porno have once again crowned me ” the great beast” the devil himself. i did ask my doctor yesterday to see if i have the mark of the beast anywhere on my body. “Nothing to report”

knowing what i have had to endure over the last ten years of trying to expose this cabal of reprobates he first congratulated me on the book and went on to say how much he enjoyed reading it over the Christmas holidays. thank you Doc.

Only after a very very close examination of yours truly and knowing he was in no danger of me possessing his mortal soul! he offered me some sound advice.
that being that i should indeed write about our ten year struggle with these outright nonces for Jesus and expose the bastards! so not wishing to let him down i shall call this second work Doctors Orders.
cant wait to see what kind of Amazon reviews these filthy 59 inch leather dildo wielding cross dressing youth group preachers will leave this time.
wow i wonder what “he and his wife” used this for whilst street preaching to kids. of course when i posted these screen shots here just before Christmas, she tried to remove her purchase history to cover their perverted tracks. too late sicko’s, we’ve video captured it all. before and after twat. i wonder what Jesus needs that for !!

Christian Porn King gets it Good!

the expression tells it all. how you like them bananas shithead!
OWNED PERVERT !! yes folks as bizarre as it may sound this evangelical cultist pervert that preaches Jesus on social media recently got exposed for owning scores or porn domains, one of which directed hard core animated porn at minors using the brand name of a world famous childrens toy. one member of this repulsive brood of vipers said to this cretin: share the wealth bro!

This pile of walking talking human excrement is part of a cult that fully and publicly support this filth.
thank goodness for the new COPPA laws.