while we all wait to die a horrible death!

perhaps something to read while we all await the arrival of the grim reaper ?
it’s a book about the afterlife you know. something to make those days / weeks / months of being on lockdown πŸ™‚ just pass by.

copy and paste this link into your browser to obtain a copy.

Hurd immunity: oh dear me!!


How Boris Johnson, Lord and Savior of brexit and the NHS See’s us all. oh boy! are we so screwed!
how soon the masses forget. now what does this mindset remind me of ? the weak and infirm must be sacrificed for the greater good of the many.

Oh yeah! that was it !! by the way? it was the tory party that put the kibosh on brexit in the first place right ?

the same wankers who allowed our once great NHS to fall into ruins .

the same tory arseholes who sold off huge expanses of land to private sector developers, yet allowed our hospitals to close all over the uk ?

the same party that forced people onto the streets to sleep in shop doorways ?

can a leopard change it’s spots ? interesting if not perilous times are ahead. where shall we be weeks or months from now i wonder. Time will tell.

Sing it Frank

Ministers plan police powers to arrest coronavirus patients not self-isolating! and people over 70 years of age to be told to self isolate !!

Full stoy here. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/health-secretary-matt-hancock-says-074900746.html

The Little Van

my little van engine is almost ready to fit back into its engine bay. the new clutch has arrived and the water pump will be here in a few days
I spent a few days degreasing the engine bay ready for its brand new engine.
soon i will be using my little van to transport me and my mobile book stall to all the book fairs and various venues around the uk to promote the book as well as other work duties i have planned for this combo.

I look forward to the first turn of the key, to hear that little 1.3 ctdi diesel engine that I’ve lovingly and carefully raised from the dead chime back to life. this is one of the things i love to do.
Take something abandoned or discarded and make it once again useful.