Covid-19 Deaths in my city.

I said a few weeks ago show me the bodies. this morning i had a conversation with a chap I’ve not heard from in a few years on my old citizen band radio that i fired up in my little workshop yesterday, and sadly he reported that he had lost family members to Covid-19. ( special note) one victim contracted covid-19 in hospital.

My wife spoke to one of our neighbours: A critical care nurse in our local hospital. She also reported scenes of total horror in the intensive care unit that had ten cases last week which now needs more beds.

So this is a very real threat. my thoughts are a new strain of flu” or a “biological weapon” either way our economy will never recover and thing will indeed get far worse on a global scale.
Jobs are lost for good and i see diminishing resources just over the horizon.

will we soon witness food riots ? time will tell.

My concerns regarding 5G and the new smart grid.

I hate the new smart technology, i see it as an nothing more than an open mic to the authorities and corporations. an invitation into our private lives.
I don’t own any smart phones nor do i want one. No smart TVs and every new computer i get i disable the factory settings to disable the mic and web-cam.
i have now closed all of my social media accounts over a month ago and life is so much better for it.

social distancing for me is heaven on earth. I’m lapping it up being a published author this gives me time to think with a clarity I’ve never known before being free from the constant daily distractions of modern living.

All dressed up and nowhere to go

My little vauxhall combo van restoration is all finished and ready to use, but all the Mot stations are closed due to this Covid-19 B/S ……..So she sits idle, which is a shame as i need it for work.
The job awaits me but i am stuck for now as the old mot expired in december 2019 so its not covered by the new six months mot exemption. bummer! i shall seek an mot centre that remains open.
that brand new engine that Just wants to run and run is also on lockdown 🙁